Hello Wanderlings! As you know, the hunt for pixel architecture continues. Today’s pixelation is inspired by the art-saturated streets of the Mission District homes.

Personally, I find the Mission a fascinating intersection of the city where the murals have garnered critical acclaim. So much so that the city advertises them and many organizations do mural walks with artist lectures. The most interesting part, in my mind, is the blurred lines these murals create with regards to the never ending graffiti vs art continuum. It is obvious city officials are also concerned that a special program, labeled as a graffiti prevention event, has been set forth to provide a large scale canvas space for artists to participate.

Anyhow, I am still experimenting with shadow vs the monochromatic rendering style for the houses. For this particular one I think I like the shading but I’m still undecided. As extra bonus, I have also included one of my favorite murals I saw while adventuring. I used the photosynth app I talked about earlier so it came out a little wonky but it is still hands-down batman! (translation: very cool)

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