As odd as it may sound, I have been living in California for more than a month. I know, it sounds ludicrous! Where did all the time go? Was I not just living in downtown Seattle yesterday?It is very shocking to look at the calendar and realize that it is August. I think I am starting to understand the phrase, “Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.” (no literally, bananas ripen more quickly in California. I blame the heat.)

For those of you following me along in my adventures, you know that moving to San Francisco has been part of a series of moves across the West Coast. “They say” that moving does not get any easier but I am a firm believer that it, in fact, does get easier provided you have a get-up-and-go attitude with a healthy scoop of willingness-to-make-mistakes.

Unlike my Seattle tour, I am visiting new places in the city everyday other day (I burned myself out in Seattle) and taking loads of photos with my new iPhone 4. I am also keeping a regular work schedule while leaving some time in my schedule for play (another lesson learned).

Speaking of play and for those of you interested, the panorama’s on display in this post were taken with my phone using Microsoft’s Photosynth Application. I have uploaded a few other photos onto Microsoft’s website which has a sweet program that takes these panoramas and bends them into a semi correct perspective.

The top image is one of the great views of the city from Treasure Island (yes it exists, no we did not find the “X”). Below that is my apartment in the process of moving in (and practicing the Photosynth application). Finally, the last photo is of Rodger’s Coffee and Tea found in the Mission district. They make each drink to order by the cup and can I say “YUM!” It does not hurt that they live right next door to Mission: Comics and Art.

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