Today’s pixel house is an old Victorian that has been stripped of its classic Sears-catalog, wooden ornamentation and has been replaced with color on stucco! This gem of an abode was on my left as I made my pilgrimage to the coffee shops of the Mission District. Truth be told, I like this adaption of the stereotypical San Franciscan facade for its simplicity in design and to pixelate!

You’ve clicked the continue reading button!  Kudos to you, dear reader. As an extra special prize, you get not one, but two pixel houses for your viewing pleasure and some additional silly banter.

Our second course today is actually the neighboring house to the painted stucco lady above. An astute observer would notice that the two houses look to be identical (save for the garage) and were probably built at the same time. As always, I am experimenting with the pixelization process and have pretty much landed solidly on the shadow side of the pixel house coin. It was actually the stucco house that convinced me. Without the shadow, the monochromatic house would not convey the bay window and would appear as a flat western-front facade. It also helps that the shadows make the other Victorians pop.

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