An unrealized work but the dreams that this project ushered into existence are too good not to share. These are renderings are from our Design Development process for a Confidential Client in Austin, Texas. We were contracted for full service but only realized Visioning, Pre-Design, Schematic Design and a 90% realization of Design Development. Together with a team of 6 individuals at AP+I, plus design-build contractor sub-consultants, I’m proud of what we were able to achieve in 4 months. Perhaps this project will be restarted in the future but I thought I would share what we were able to create.

Design Firm: AP+I Design, Inc.General Contractor: Novo Construction; Project Type: Commercial Tenant Improvement; Location: Austin, TX; Completed: n/a;  Size: ~50,000 Sq. Ft.; Renderings: AP+I Design

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