I am at the time in my life where many, many friends are getting married all at once. I believe the total count is 6 in 8 calendar months. Absolutel bonkers!

“How is this architecture related?” – you ask? Well, they keep selecting beautifully engineered and designed venues like the St. Johns Bridge for Andy and Xhav’s wedding!

Look at those gothic, fluted arches in and among the lushest green Oregon hillside! See how it perfectly draws the eye forward and out. Does it not remind you of the cathedrals of Europe? Okay, maybe that’s a stretch but they are tall, slender, and let me tell you, just as drafty without walls? I believe that is why they named one end, the place those photos are taken, Cathedral Park. It is enough to get this budding designer and wannabe architect misty eyed.

Growing up in Portland, I took our bridges for granted. A necessity to get to the other side of the water, but I have always; ALWAYS loved St. Johns. It had an enduring beauty and was our jolly green giant to San Francisco’s Rusty Red Golden Gate. I did not know that the St. John’s bridge “was the longest suspension-type bridge west of the Mississippi River at the time of construction.” That badge of honor is of course no longer valid but it remains a fixture in the PDX area. A much admired and enduring design.

So, to Andy and Xhav I say well done on the site selection and congrats! Many warm wishes to you today and for many years to come. Enjoy your honeymoon in Japan!

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