post card of San Francisco

Hello Wanderers,

After 2 years living and working in Seattle, I have up and moved to San Francisco.

During my stay in the Emerald City, I met some really amazing and talented people. At this time I’d like to say some special thank yous to the people who helped me in the first chapter of my career.

Thanks to Marga Rose Hancock and the women at WilDLife for sharing their stories, their encouragement, and their spirits while I got on my design feet during my first year as a self employed graphic designer.

A huge thank you to Mindy, Max, and everyone I met over at Lehrman Cameron Studio, for taking the chance during these challenging economic times and hiring a fresh graduate to be in charge of their architecture department.

Thanks to Daniel Toole and the volunteers at the AIA Seattle Design Committee for letting me flex my graphic design skills as well as the honor of being their first blog webmaster. Keep rocking the salons and good luck to those who go to Japan!

Thanks to the AIA Seattle for connecting me with the Young Architects Forum and the honor of being the WASLA + AIA Emerging Professionals Happy Hour co-chair. Good luck Robin and may the drinks, design and discussion continue!

Thanks to my Laddership crew: Betty, Kirk, Chuck, Sean and Hannah. I wish you all, the best of luck on your paths to becoming architects or wherever your passions take you!

Super thanks to Kenneth, Oliver, and Zac for being my science chefs, soundboard, ice cream buddy, architectural photographer, and sanity back-up. Stay frosty and know that you always have a friend in San Francisco.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Chris, my partner in crime, who had the patience and resolve to keep me motivated to design. I look forward to exploring San Francisco with you or wherever our airship may land.



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