As promised, I give you Davina and Sarah’s second entry into May’s competition, the Memorial for the Unknown Soldier. Below you will find the flavor text which accompanies the upper left hand corner from submission above:
This modern rectangular prism recalls the form of classical tomb memorials while creating a space that is open to light, air, and the sound of rushing water. Halfway submerged in a reflecting pool, visitors must descend underneath the water and the earth to visit this memorial of reflection and remembrance. The memorial becomes a place for those who do not know where their loved one rests.A Place to feel both loss and absence as well as light and tribute for those who have fallen in the line of duty.

The final picture uses SketchUp and the plugin for IDX’s Renditioner. I personally have not at the opportunity to learn the program, however Davina has used it extensively in her final project at the University of Oregon. Add some Adobe Photoshop layers and viola! Special thanks to TutorialWiz for showing us how to create a great waterfall effect for our final render. Like what you see? Check out Davina’s other work here!

RE: Process…Again

I think this design was my favorite to watch transform because it had such humble beginnings. Davina’s original idea begins with a humble glass box in the middle of a field. The goal was to create a space or series of spaces where a visitor can look down into a memorial without disturbing the grave. Davina drew some of her ideas from the way Napoleon’s Tomb is exhibited, minus the heavy decoration.

For a concept, Davina’s image is clear, clean and powerful. However she wanted the box to somehow be associated with water and through the addition of elements she lost the powerful concept image. When it came time for the project swap, I was a kid in a candy store ready to make it shine. Check out the formal process below.
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