Hi all. So I thought I would let my loyal readers know that in the next few days, I will be releasing my Kickstarter project called Modern Hanafuda (don’t worry, I will link you to the final page when it launches).

So, what are Hanafuda cards? Simply put, they are Japanese playing cards that are beautifully illustrated and can be used for a variety of games all around the world. Think of them as the Asian equivalent to poker cards in that the deck stays the same whereas the rules are what ultimately matter and change.

As a little teaser, I thought I would show you the suits for each month and link you to a place where you can learn about all the various games you can play with a deck of Modern Hanafuda cards. You might also check out Wikipedia for a base understanding of what constitutes a Hanafuda deck.

As always, if you have questions, hit me up in the contact section of the website.

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