I’m feeling pretty awesome right about now and thought I should share the results of my Kickstarter project, Modern Hanafuda. In just over 24 hours, Modern Hanafuda is 24% funded. Just. Wow!

On top of that, my friends over at ReedPop have generously added my project to their curated Kickstarter page with a very heart warming quote. I couldn’t help myself so I took a screenshot (above). A special shout out to my buddy heels is in order. Jetta dawn!

And if that isn’t enough, through the support of my backers, Modern Hanafuda has jumped up to the New & Noteworthy section on Kickstarter’s “Discover” tab. A definitive cherry on top!

Now, I know I have a long road ahead to get 100% funded, but I would really like to thank my early bird backers. Let’s keep this train a’rolling all night long.

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