I believe in a better Seattle.

I believe in a city of overlapping uses. Where service corridors are more than just alleys lined with trash cans. I see these places being the most active and attractive city destinations.

I believe in a city where mass transit is dominant over single occupancy vehicles. Light rail lines the Puget Sound dotted with stops in the heart of communities that I can visit on the weekend with family and friends.

I believe blue is the new green. I want to live in a city where water is captured, recycled, purified and used in smarter ways.

I believe in a city where the buildings produce more energy than they consume. I want to live in a city that continues to work toward a carbon neutral infrastructure, advances LEED standards and considers the possibilities of living building.

I believe in a better 2030 Seattle.

What do you believe? Let me and the Department of Planning and Development know by either throwing down a comment below or submitting your own words 150 or less to DPD_CompPlan2030Vision@seattle.gov. Let your voice be heard and continue the dialog…

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