Seattle from the Observation deck of the Columbia Center

A short but sweet post today. Still touring Seattle and applying for jobs here and there. Expanded the search a bit, so hopefully that will turn up an opportunity. For now, you get photos taken from atop the highest tower in Seattle, The Columbia Center.

Located on 5th and Columbia in downtown Seattle, The Columbia Center, formerly called The Bank of America Tower or BOAT for short, dwarfs all other skyscrapers with its 76 story pancake stack. A defining feature of the Seattle skyline, the tower is a first in many categories in the city,  state and west coast as a whole. For instance, it is not only the tallest skyscraper in Seattle and the State of Washington but is the skyscraper with the most stories, including the underground levels, West of the Mississippi. At 937 feet (285 m) high, the Columbia Center is home to many different functions such as offices for some fairly well known businesses, an underground food court, an observations deck, and a private club. If you have never been, it is definitely worth w a trip as the view from the 73rd floor is fantastic!

I'm told the "H" building is actually the jail.A Hospital off I-5 in Seattle Washington.View East from Columbia Center Observation Deck

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